Cryengine 3 Wild West test level

Landscape was created in World Machine via 16bit Heightmap data made in
Photoshop.Satellite digital elevation maps were manipulated in Photoshop.
DEM data was sourced mainly in Spain/Tabernas where the Spaghetti westerns were made.Some erosion was created in World Machine.The map is 2k by 2k.

Various masks and images were exported from World Machine (Deposition,Flow,
Grass/Rock,Ambient Occlusion,Wear,Sand and Colour).All were then further manipulated in Photoshop to create the final colour map/16bit Heightmap
(at 2048 res) for final export to Cryengine.

The landscape was further polished in Cryengine using its terrain tool set.The Road tool was used to create a simple network.Tabernas style vegetation/rocks were created in 3dsmax and painted/placed onto the landscape.A box skydome
was built and Tabernas sourced photo reference was made in Photoshop to
represent the distant mountains and clouds.

A simple Vulture model represented the circling vultures.Time of Day tool
used for sun direction/settings,fog and minor post processing.

The buildings were created in 3dsmax.Built clean first then modified for
wear and tear.A few key ones were built ,the rest kitbashed together to save
time and keep a uniform look.

All buildings used mostly the same shaders/textures to save drawcalls and speed
up the process.The Dirtlayer in the shaders were used to modify the paint colour
of the buildings (via painting Vertex Alpha) to make them more individual.Vertex
colours were painted to add simple ambient occlusion/mild dirt.

Decals were used for posters,signs,grime/dirt streaks and dirt road patches/wheel tracks.

Simple water volumes created for the troughs.

The town is on a slight gradient to add more visual interest than the typical flat terrain most western towns were built on.A final postprocess pass was made but
only a few features were used to keep drawcalls down.

Various minor props created to populate the level.Crates,barrels,fences,grain sacks etc.All props were modelled on the low poly side for frame rate reasons.

The Saloon model is the most expensive building in the level poly and texture
wise.Modular modelling techniques for all buildings did speed up workflow though
as all assets were shared across buildings and unique details kept to a minimum eg signage.

To avoid creating time consuming Lods all buildings were modelled at a relatively lowpoly level.This Hardware store model is around 3000 tris despite the poly
eating wear and tear.

Multiple signs on one texture.Crazybump was used for the normal map.
If a specular map was needed then GlossMapDifalpha was used to save
space/drawcalls.All textures were photosourced/handpainted.No high poly
modelling/baking is used at all (again for time reasons).


This is the first and only level I have built in Cryengine 3 (update 3.7.2572).

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