Haze – PS3 game

Created interior and exterior buildings.
Made early blockout of level.

All Haze levels created with inhouse engine and tools.

Observatory - Created about 85% interior of observatory.Setup/Level layout by another artist.

Created interior of building,lighting and layout.

Landcarrier exterior - Landscape created by a second artist.

Landcarrier exterior - Landscape/vehicles/characters created by other artists.

Landcarrier Satellite room

Quad bike in scene from Haze.

Quad bike 3dsmax screen capture.

Quad bike - Wire - 6200 tri polys.

Quad bike - Diffuse,Specular and Normal maps.

Landcarrier liftwall - Diffuse,Specular and Normal maps.

Developer – Free Radical Design

Created environment,props and vehicle assets.

Published title